Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Life with Frances

So yesterday morning I go in the kitchen and the kids are sitting at the table.  Atticus is cutting strips of paper with his little safety scissors.  Goldilocks is cutting her hair.  Luckily, I walked in and caught her in the act, so she didn't get more than one whack at it.

Do you think that's all the fun we've had the past few weeks?  Indeed it is not. 
A review in pictures: 

 #1.  We find Franny like this:

We have these paint markers in the closet that she climbed up to get.  We caught her because we heard her moving the footstool across the bathroom to admire her work in the mirror.

Why don't we keep the markers out of reach, you ask?  Let me show you where they were stored at the time she got them.  See that top shelf?  The two see-through plastic boxes?  The markers were in the one on the left.  She demonstrated for me how she got up there.  She used the grocery cart, bottom, as a booster.

 #2.  Saturday morning breakfast.  The kids have their pancakes at the table, and Craig and I are finishing up the last few pancakes and bacon.  I hear Franny say, "And now she dives in!!"  I turn around, and her pancake is diving into her bowl.  Which is filled with the entire bottle of maple syrup. 

 #3.  I don't think this requires an explanation.  I think we've all been here. 

 Sometimes after a long day of being Frances, you pass out right where you are.