Monday, February 28, 2011

Fishing Trip

School is keeping me all kinds of busy this semester, but we were able to spend some quality time together last weekend.

The Doodle has been begging us to take him fishing lately. I don't know what put it into his head, but he has been obsessed with it. Finally the weather was warm enough that we were able to go.

Of course, he was only patient for about the first five minutes. And I'm not sure that he entirely understood that they were trying to catch actual fish. We did have fun sitting outside and watching the ducks and geese, though.

Silly Ladybug. She had her 15 month appointment today and all was well. She is such a goofball and so sweet and precious and ornery all at the same time. It is so much fun to watch her and Atticus playing together and laughing at each other.

Her favorite new words is BUBBLES!! She doesn't just say it, she exclaims it, every time. There is a hand motion that goes with it too that she made up herself. We are thrilled about BUBBLES around here. She also exclaims it when she sees balloons (and strangely enough, grated Parmesan cheese. I think because she loves both bubbles and Parmesan so much.)

Other new words: She loves saying Bye! and waving goodbye to people. She goes to the door and begs to go play "'side." She says milk, off, yes, no-no-no, Bubba, Dada, Momma, and "Atts!" (for Atticus).

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend fun

The Doodlebug's first snowman:

The weather was so beautiful today that we couldn't resist playing outside. And amazingly, there was still plenty of snow on the ground. It was like playing with snow in the middle of spring! We also went for a walk and fed the ducks.

Here is my precious Franny-bug:

She loves to fasten the seat beat on her toy stroller. She will work at it as long as it takes to get it. (She does the same thing with her high chair.)

Yay!! I did it!

Franny is becoming quite the little talker. She went from not really using any words just a week or two ago to using quite a few. We took her out today and she waved at everyone, saying "hi! hi! hi!" (To all dogs and cats as well.)

Words she is really using are:
up: for "pick me up"
help: for anything she wants
hi: of course
eyes: driving in the car with the sun in her eyes, she kept pointing to them and saying pitifully "eyes! eyes!"
cold: when playing in the snow today
clock: she just really likes clocks
shoes: ditto

She has just decided she wants to talk and has started trying to repeat pretty much everything. She also has really started loving on her babies and stuffed animals. Too cute.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

Needless to say, we all stayed home today. The Doodle has been waiting ALL WINTER to make snowalls. Here are the kids preparing to go outside:

It was, of course, freezing outside, so we didn't stay long. Atticus still wanted to play in the snow, though, so here's what we decided to do:

Snowballs inside! We filled bowls with snow and let the kids play in them to their hearts' content. They are young enough to think this was really fun instead of incredibly lame. :)

A few more random pictures from last week:

I threatened to post this one with a "Daddy combed our hair" caption, but Craig insists both kids just woke up from their naps when this picture was taken, and that they are normally well-groomed. (They are.)

The kids enjoying the awesome weather last week at the zoo with their friend Jasmine. Is the Doodle roaring like a lion?

Oh, almost forgot to mention that Atticus put his hand on the hot stove last night as we were fixing dinner! We got it under cold water right away, but two fingers blistered up and he was pretty tearful for about an hour. Poor kid. Everything seems much better today. One finger is still blistered but it doesn't seem to be bothering him. He told me this morning, "I'm not crying some more."