Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend fun

The Doodlebug's first snowman:

The weather was so beautiful today that we couldn't resist playing outside. And amazingly, there was still plenty of snow on the ground. It was like playing with snow in the middle of spring! We also went for a walk and fed the ducks.

Here is my precious Franny-bug:

She loves to fasten the seat beat on her toy stroller. She will work at it as long as it takes to get it. (She does the same thing with her high chair.)

Yay!! I did it!

Franny is becoming quite the little talker. She went from not really using any words just a week or two ago to using quite a few. We took her out today and she waved at everyone, saying "hi! hi! hi!" (To all dogs and cats as well.)

Words she is really using are:
up: for "pick me up"
help: for anything she wants
hi: of course
eyes: driving in the car with the sun in her eyes, she kept pointing to them and saying pitifully "eyes! eyes!"
cold: when playing in the snow today
clock: she just really likes clocks
shoes: ditto

She has just decided she wants to talk and has started trying to repeat pretty much everything. She also has really started loving on her babies and stuffed animals. Too cute.

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  1. Shoes... a girl after my own heart!

    And Atticus with that snowman is too cute!