Thursday, June 10, 2010

These funny kids

These kids are so funny. Franny's little personality is really starting to develop. Atticus has always been a little reserved around people he doesn't know. Franny, on the other hand, tries to make friends with everyone. Every time we go to the store I keep getting these funny looks from people, and I think, "Why are people laughing at me?" Then I realize that she's down there flashing these huge smiles and doing everything she can to engage people to pay attention to her.

Atticus' imagination is starting to take hold, and it is so entertaining! Last night he says "Bye!" Where are you going? "Library." Okay, see you later. "Yeah. Later!" He goes to the door, then comes back (in a perfect imitation of me), and says "Oh! Keys!" and grabs his forgotten pretend keys off the coffee table. We are cracking up. "Bye!" He's gone a few seconds and then comes running back. "Library book!" and picks a book up off the table and takes off with it. "Bye! Library! Love you!"

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