Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Funny stuff

Picture this, if you will...

I've gotten the kids out of the bathtub. This is CRAZY TIME in our house. We have two kids running around that we are trying to corral and coax into diapers and pajamas. So tonight I'm struggling to get Ladybug snapped into her jammies, she's crying, things are nuts.

The Doodle comes in, naked, with a toy piano. Climbs into Franny's dollbed announcing, "Look, Momma! I'm in the BATH!" And proceeds to give the following stellar performance:

In other news, Franny is walking! She can't get very far, though, because she thinks she is SO AWESOME that she gets too excited to stand up. She crashes down, laughs hysterically, and then jumps up and tries again. She cracks herself up.

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