Monday, November 8, 2010

Duck Wings

So last night we are putting Atticus to bed, and Craig is asking him about his day. Craig asks him if he remembers what we had for breakfast. (We had pancakes, his favorite.) Atticus thinks about it, and says, "Ummm...duckwings."

What? We can't understand him. "Duck Wings," he answers.

Duck wings? I am sitting behind Craig on the bed, and am dying laughing but burying my face in his back so Atticus can't see me. Craig is trying not to laugh, but poor sweet Atticus is dead serious.

"Duck wings?" Craig asks him. "Yes," says Atticus. "Duck wings."

We are both about to lose it when I remember that while we had pancakes for breakfast, for lunch we had chicken and dumplings. Poor kid. It must be so frustrating to be two.

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