Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The kids stayed with Nana and Papa for a few days while Craig and I spent a few days of much-needed downtime together. (Thank you, Nana and Papa!)

This morning the Doodlebug got to try fishing again. Here he is with Uncle Chad.

They actually caught one! Atticus, Uncle Chad, and cousin Neeley:

Atticus: We caught a fish! A BIIIGGG fish. (Typical fisherman...)
Me: Really? What did it do? (Expecting a story about flopping around.)
Atticus: It TALKED to me!!

Apparently the fish was making all kinds of crazy noises and he thought it was talking to him. He thought it was great.

Franny-girl playing in the garden with her cousin. This girl is wearing me out with the climbing. I was sitting in the living room earlier while the kids were playing in the kitchen. Atticus comes in and reports "Franny is going to fall." He was right. She was precariously balanced trying to climb onto a desk from a chair about a foot away. Is this just a second-child thing? We cannot keep her feet on the ground.

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  1. I can't believe how much Franny and Neely look alike. They look like they are all having soooo much fun!