Saturday, July 9, 2011

Has anyone noticed how HOT it is?

I mean, seriously. This year, Oklahoma has had a year's worth of 100+ days, and it's only the beginning of July. Last year, New York had a week of temperatures in the mid-nineties, and the "heat wave" made national news. I don't want to hear it.

We've been having fun while trying to stay cool. I've been home for a week now on what may be the last "summer vacation" of my life, and it has been great fun. Tonight, Craig and I are heading to Shakespeare in the Park, something we have done every summer for the past four years at least. It doesn't start until 8pm, so hopefully we won't melt.

The Doodle lounging in his folding chair. He got a real tent from my grandparents for his birthday, and we set it up yesterday. He immediately began camping out in there with his favorite toys.

We typically go for walks in the evening after dinner, or we go to a park and let the kids play while Craig and I toss a baseball. But it has been so hot that the kids get flushed after 20 minutes at the park, so last week we stripped them down after dinner and let them splash around in the backyard instead. We have an actual kiddie pool, but this little tub is easy to fill up and let them splash around in.

A few more pictures from the Doodle's birthday. I love this picture of Atticus. He's eating the cake that Grandma made him and looking quite contemplative. Lady Frances looks all partied out, but she still has a grip on that balloon. Atticus told her to hold it "tight" and she took him at his word.

This great hand-me-down tricycle was at Nana and Papa's house, and it is almost like new. The Doodle has decided to keep it in our laundry room, otherwise known as his "garage." this very moment my most awesome husband ever is putting up a clothesline for me in the backyard. Ever since we moved, I have been missing our deck at our old house, which I adored. It was my birthday present from him the year we bought the house:

We hung a clothesline across the deck, and I loved it. I have been yearning for a clothesline at this house and have been asking for one about once a week since we moved in. It is being put up right now, so I'm off to hang some laundry...

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