Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Doodlebug!

I can't believe the Doodle is two years old. On his first birthday, he was still kind of a baby. Not now. He is officially, well, a kid.
We had a fun birthday party with family and a few little friends. The kids played in the kiddie pool and in the sprinkler and he had a pretty good time. We have been talking about his upcoming "birthday party" for quite some time now and every time I mentioned it, he reminded me, "Balloons?! Cake?!"

At two years old, Atticus:

-still LOVES balls. Likes to kick the soccer ball and watched the World Cup games, enthralled.
-can name a cardinal, a hawk, and a dolphin (as distinct from another bird or fish).
-loves mayonaise, ketchup, sauce...anything that involves dipping.
-adores his baby sister and cracks her up continuously. (Only gets a *little* jealous.) :)
-is quiet and "serious" in unfamiliar situations but is a total goofball when he warms up.
-can ask for or say pretty much anything he wants to and understands almost everything.
He's such a sweet boy and it is so awesome to watch him grow. We love you so much, Doodlebug!

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