Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So much to say, so little time!

We are getting settled in and adjusted. This morning we went to storytime at the library with Atticus and Franny and they both loved it. (There were bubbles!) I'll have pictures of us in the new house soon, but for now let me just give the highlights of the past few days, with pictures from Before the Move.

-Ladybug is mobile! She is crawling everywhere and is very busy exploring. She thinks it is very funny that she can go from room to room on her own and laughs as she is doing it. She is pulling up on EVERYTHING.

-Yesterday as we were sitting in the new house, we asked Atticus, "Guess where we're going today!?" and he said, "Go home?" This is home, buddy.

-I got my class schedule today! Yikes, it is seeming real. And I'm thinking, what have I gotten myself into? :)

-Atticus has added the phrases "waaaay up high," "right there," and "Franny choke on that?" to his vocabulary. Let's just say on that last one that Franny's newfound mobility has brought with it that ever-so-fun stage of "investigating" everything. I can't even identify some of the things I have pulled out of her mouth.

A picture of the Doodle on his last day of baby gym class. I know he will miss it!!

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