Thursday, January 6, 2011

Outdoor Adventures

Just a few pictures from playing outside today. We took advantage of the nice-for-January weather and got out of the house for a little while this afternoon.

Frances is now at the age where she does NOT want to stand still and have her picture taken. She thought it was a fun game to run away from me every time she saw the camera.

I did catch her checking out a bug.

The Doodle found a feather. He actually did have a much bigger one he wanted me to take a picture of, but it blew away. Luckily, we found this one.

I should mention that this is the outfit Franny-bug picked out for herself this morning, jacket included.

Atticus found some dirt to play in, and he is excited about it:

Besides that, we haven't been doing much. The library programs started back up this week, and Atticus was thrilled to see all the librarians again. (Have I mentioned that he knows all the children's librarians by name?)

Also, Nana and Papa got us PAINT for Christmas. We broke it out a few days ago. Here is our little artiste at work:

We didn't get any good pictures of the Doodle painting, but he loved it as well. That's all for now...

P.S. Our sweet little Franny has already figured out exactly how to drive her big brother crazy, and does it with devious glee.

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