Friday, January 14, 2011

Three Cheers for the Public Library

I just have to take a moment to praise the amazing institution that is the public library. Public libraries have to be one of the greatest resources that exist for parents of young children. Ours offers various storytimes, music classes, crafts, summer programs, and books and music to check out, as well as parent resource books and interactive materials. Plus a great place to hang out and interact with other kids while playing with blocks, trains, or the puppet theater. And it's all FREE and available to everyone. Our children's librarians are amazing and clearly love their work.

I don't know how much time people spend appreciating what a great resource this is, but they should! We love it. Support your library! :)

Here is Atticus doing "storytime." He holds up the books the way the librarians do and reads them out loud. (He also walks up to random kids at the library like this and insists on "reading" to them.)

The book he is reading is "Bailey Goes Camping," ordered from the Weekly Reader Book Club in 1987. We just got it out two days ago and it immediately displaced "The Cat in the Hat" to take the top spot on the Doodlebug Favorite Book of the Moment list. He has it memorized already.

Inspiring us to build the tent below.

I told Atticus we could build a tent like Bailey's, which was initially met with enthusiasm. However, when I pulled out the sheet I got a scornful look and a "Mom, that's not a tent. That's a blanket." Once we got it together, though, he was delighted (and so was the Ladybug).


I have to add: The Doodle did some watercolor paintings of dinosaurs this afternoon. After they dried, he had them lying in a stack on the floor. I picked them up and said, "Wow, let's hang these on the refrigerator."

Atticus: "No! That's important stuff. Not to hang on the refrigerator. Important stuff, about songs."

He turns to them, furrows his brow, and mutters to himself, "Now let's see what these say..."

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