Sunday, April 24, 2011

First Visit to the Emergency Room

What we planned on doing this morning: church and Easter Egg hunt.
What we actually did: go to the emergency room.

While we were getting ready, Franny was running around the house, tripped and smacked her head into the wood molding around the fireplace. It was a pretty big gash and bleeding pretty good, so we decided to take her in. Apparently the E.R. is not a super-busy place on Easter Sunday at 9am, because they whisked her in and fixed her right up.

She turned out not to need stitches, they just glued it back together. It looks like she's going to have quite a bruise, but she doing Silly Girl in the car on the way home, so I think she's fine.

Yesterday I took the Doodle in for a haircut. His very first haircut was great, but after that he had some "stranger danger" and didn't want anyone cutting his hair. It got quite traumatic, kicking and screaming, etc.

So I've been cutting his hair the past few times, just to get him comfortable with it. He's gotten outgoing enough that we thought we'd give it a try again. I can get the job done, but it doesn't exactly look professional.

He did awesome! I told him that the ladies would be so nice, like the librarians, and he could tell them all about coloring Easter Eggs. He perked up at that, and ended up doing awesome. He smiled and laughed and talked to the stylist. Thank goodness, because she could cut it in about 1/4 of the time it takes me!

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  1. They are both getting so big! Glad to hear Franny is OK. Hope you all had a great Easter.