Sunday, May 1, 2011

Craft Projects

Today I'm camped out on the couch, studying. (Thanks, Nana and Papa!) Just taking a quick break to post a few pictures.

The kids made their own Easter baskets this year from some stuff we had laying around the house. We did it after we finished dying eggs. First, we cut the bottoms off of two oatmeal canisters and painted them.

Then we just stuck scraps of construction paper onto the wet paint to decorate. Atticus did his all by himself, but we obviously helped Franny with hers while she did some fingerpainting. We poked holes in the sides and ran ribbon through for handles. They were the perfect size for little people hunting eggs.

By the way, we were worried about Atticus picking up all the eggs before Franny-bug had time to find any, but we shouldn't have been! She totally held her own in the Easter Egg Hunt.

Yesterday, there was a garage sale around the corner, so I walked over while the kids were napping. I picked up some pretty hideous framed pictures for $2. We emptied out the frames and painted them black. (When I say "we," I mean my awesome husband, obviously.) Then I framed some of the Doodlebug's artwork and hung it in his room.

Here is a watercolor titled "Helicopter and Boat."

This one is called "Dinosaur Teeth." (His names, I swear!)
He was excited about hanging them in his room.

Oh! One more picture of the Doodle holding his new second cousin Judah on Easter. His face is absolutely glowing with joy. He was blown away over getting to hold such a tiny baby. Hopefully they will have many fun years of cousin-ship ahead of them.

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