Saturday, May 28, 2011

Are you ready, Boots?

So Craig and I are putting Atticus to bed, and I offer to sing a song with him before he goes to sleep. Which one do you want to sing, Atticus? You are my Sunshine? I've Been Working on the Railroad? Somewhere over the Rainbow?

He looks at me and says, "The boots song."

What? Craig and I have no idea.

"You know, the Boots Song...and walking...dum-dum-dum..."

I die laughing. "These Boots are made for Walkin?"

His face lights up. He has been wearing his rainboots around the house which prompted Craig and I to start singing that the other day. Little did we know it would go on the lullaby list.

Craig ended up pulling up the Nancy Sinatra video on youtube and letting Atticus watch it. Atticus was absolutely enthralled. Craig says, "I can't believe this video has 2 million views. 2 million people have actually watched this video?"

I would be surprised if a single one of those 2 million people were watching it at the express request of their two year old.

If anyone doesn't know the song I'm talking about:

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