Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sweet Little Ladybug

My sweet girl is a year and a half old. Her current favorite word is "too," as in "me too." She wants to do everything the rest of us do. Outside too...milk too...walk toooo... She is adding so many new words a day that I can't keep up. She is really able to express herself and it is so fun to see what is going on inside her little head. She has a silly sense of humor and is full of fun and laughs, but she has a short fuse and lets off a loud screech when something happens she doesn't like.

She adores all animals and goes crazy over every.single. dog or cat or horse we see. She catches bugs and brings them to us proudly. She eats pretty much anything and feeds herself well. Her favorites are cheese and anything that involves dipping (vinaigrette, ketchup, soy sauce...) She is convinced the letter "A" is for "Bubba!" (because we tried to teach her A is for Atticus...) She has a pretty good handle on the rest of the alphabet though.

It is fascinating to see so much sweet and ornery wrapped up in one little person. We love you, Ladybug! Happy year-and-a-half.

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