Saturday, October 15, 2011

Doodlebug's Fall Adventures

What!? It's raining!!

  The Doodlebug is growing up so fast!  He loves school, and he has learned how to spell and write his name (although it's usually backwards...but I think that's a good start!)  He is getting more and more adventurous about making new friends.  He loves to run and race, and loves to wear his tennis shoes ("My fastest shoes").  Interestingly, now that it has gotten cooler, he has also decided that he loves his shorts and wants to wear them every day.

Here he is at the zoo with his friend Jonathon checking out the birds:


The other day he came into the bathroom while I was getting ready and told me he needed me to leave so he could have some privacy to use the restroom.  He said "Privacy is when you stay in the bathroom by yourself."  

I told him I was getting ready for school and if he wanted privacy, he needed to go use his own bathroom.  

He thought that over for a minute, then shut the bathroom door and said, "New privacy is when you can have two people in the bathroom.  That's new privacy."

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