Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Hilarious-ness

We went trick-or-treating tonight and we had a blast.  The kids were hilarious.  Before we even left the house, I explained to the kids what we were going to do, and we practiced saying "trick-or-treat" and "thank you."  So the first person opens the door and the kids just stand there, wide-eyed, staring at that giant bowl of candy.  We nudge them to say "trick-or-treat" but instead Atticus holds out his bag and says "Can I HAVE SOME, please?"  At least he was polite. 

The best part of the evening was the last house we stopped at.  A baby who was obviously about to take a bath came toddling up to the front door in his birthday suit, and Franny announced to everyone, "That baby has a penis!"  I almost died.  Luckily, the parents (our across-the-street neighbors) thought it was too funny. 

Our little doctor:

My handsome cowboy:

Franny-girl's costume is the same one the Doodle wore two years ago.  She went around all night saying "I'm a doctor!"

His is made of pieces I've been collecting from consignment and thrift stores over the past few months.  I love that pearl-snap shirt on him. 

This picture cracks me up.  Mr. Personality:

When we got home, we sat outside and gave out candy to trick-or-treaters.  The kids were on a mini-sugar rush and were having a blast giving out candy.  Atticus kept trying to "scare" people by shaking his head crazily and going "Bluuuuuhhhh."  Franny gave each person a piece of candy saying, "Here you go!"  One kid walked away without saying thank-you, and she just gave a huff, rolled her eyes, and said "You're welcome..."

She and Atticus ran around the yard in the dark acting like two little goofballs.  They just kept going in circles, Atticus going "Bluuuuhhh!" and her yelling "That's a CAZY (crazy) costume!" over and over.    

We had fun.  Two thumbs up.

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