Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Ladybug and a Bumblebee

Yesterday, Franny got stung by a bee.  This is not surprising, since she has been determinedly trying to catch one for a while now, in spite of our warnings.  She was a trooper.  She cried briefly, and then kept telling us, "It's okay."  She was eating up all the attention she was getting from her Daddy and brother, though!

I need to add a label for "Escapades of Frances" posts.  This girl can climb on something faster than you can turn around.  In just the past few weeks, she has gotten stuck on top of her changing table, we have pulled her out of the bathroom sink I don't know how many times, and last week Craig caught her on the kitchen counter, attempting to cut up an apple with a knife (she had already eaten a banana before he found her).  This girl is childproof-proof.

 Looking for worms in the garden:

 Feeding the Ducks:

But look how sweet I am:

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