Saturday, August 6, 2011

Farmer's Market Goodies

 So I have to post some pictures of the deliciousness we picked up at the Farmer's Market last week: sweet potato greens.  I had never heard of eating sweet potato greens, but it turns out they are pretty great.  They cook up like collard or mustard greens, but with none of the bitterness.  Yum!

All we did was sautee some onion in olive oil, add the stems and cook them for about 5 minutes until they were tender, and then add the leaves and cook for a few more minutes, until they were wilted.  If you happen across these, I'd definitely give them a try!

My regular weekly Farmer's Market purchase is a bouquet of flowers for a mere $4 from the adorable 8 year old Rachel, who handles the growing, arranging, and selling herself.  Aren't they beautiful?

And as long as I'm on the food theme for the week, I might as well show off my amazing husband's latest adventure: potato-leek soup in a homemade bread bowl.

He checked out this book from the library called Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.  It really does seem easy.  You make up the dough and keep it in the 'fridge, and when you want bread it takes about 20 minutes to let it rise and that's that.  The bread is delicious.   

I'm organizing my pictures on the computer and should have some more of the Doodlebug and Ladybug soon!


  1. Hey there! Its Craigs cousin Lauren. I am so happy my grandmother told me about your blog! I always felt so close to Craig and I love seeing your little cutie patooties! Your blog is fantastic btw. I don't know if you all are on facebook but if so look me up! Or email me at I would love to hear from you both. love, Lauren

  2. Thanks, Lauren! Good to hear from you!