Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School

I can't believe the Doodlebug is old enough to be going to school already.  I mean, look at this.  He's not a baby, or even a toddler.  He's an actual little kid. 

We weren't completely sure how he would do at school, but he loves it.  Craig dropped him off the first day, and the Doodle didn't even tell him goodbye, he just ran into the room and sat down.  (Actually, so did Franny-bug, and Craig had to drag her out.) 

Today the teacher said that the Doodle came up to her and asked, "Could you please help me learn to write my name?"  I think him being in school is going to be hilarious. 

They wanted all the kids to bring pictures of their families.  Sadly, I realized that the last picture we have of us as a family was taken when the Ladybug was about 6 months old.  So we flagged someone random down at church to take a quick picture of us as a family.  This was the only one where everyone's eyes are open and the Doodle isn't squirming to get away from me.

P.S. Franny's dress in this picture is one of my $2 thrift store finds.  Isn't it darling?

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